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          Greater Grace Believes:

          • The verbal, plenary, exact equivalent translation of the Bible
          • God eternally co-existent in three persons(God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit).
          • The deity and perfect humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God-man.
          • The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, of righteousness, and of judgement, and regenerates, seals and fills the believer.
          • Each human is a sinner in need of salvation by Grace through faith.
          • The fulfillment of the Great Commission is the responsibilty of all believers.
          • The Church is the Body of Christ on earth and the Bride of Christ in Heaven.
          • Christ will return to rapture His Church.
          • God will judge both the just and the unjust.
          • The existence of elect angels and fallen angels.
          • A real Heaven and a real Hell.

        1. Fundamental
        2. Evangelical
        3. Dispensational
        4. Pretribulational
        5. Premillenial
        6. Local Church Emphasis

            Greater Grace Church
            Pastor Jeff Wisot

            Church Mailing address:
            1842 Otts Chapel Road
            Newark, DE 19702
            (302) 738-1530

            Church Services address:
            30 Blue Hen Drive
            Newark, DE 19713

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